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Our Mission

Here at Vulcain Metal, we have made quality the mainstay of our operations, providing subcontracted repetitive parts services. We manufacture thousands of top quality outsourced parts for our customers and ensure both prompt deliveries and impeccable service. Our business can stand out from the crowd, thanks to experienced and qualified personnel, as well as modern technologies with proven results.

Our Vision

Today, as a leader in the North American industry, we can count on Vulcain Metal quality and know-how to satisfy all our customers and strive to maintain controlled growth. We focus on long-term relationships and win-win situations with both customers and employees to ensure a better future.


Learn about Vulcain Metal through numbers

We manufacture roughly 5000 different types of parts per year for our range of customers, in various industries. Some are used in airport conveyors, snow groomers, trucks and construction equipment. Others become components in various types of vehicles, inside electrical boxes, school bus doors, excavators, suspension hangers and much more.

5Mparts per year
60 Years of experience

Our Story

Located Saint-Jérôme’s industrial park since 1957, Vulcain Metal specializes in processing sheet metal and manufacturing complex parts and components made from steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The name Vulcain is inspired by Vulcan, the blacksmith and Roman god of fire, forges and volcanoes.

In order to support our growth as a company and to continue going above and beyond, the Vulcain Metal management team works tirelessly to pursue innovation. Over the years, the team made sure to diversify operations and to invest in advanced technologies. Quality became the foundation of our company. We are now ISO 9001:2008 certified and are one of the few Canadian companies to be TS 16949 certified. This is a technical specification and a quality management standard.

Our Clients

At Vulcain Metal, we are proud that we can put our expertise to use and that several renowned companies are among our customers.


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