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Always striving for excellence, Vulcain Metal has been built around a dynamic team whose skills, know-how, professionalism and pride ensure the sustainability of the company.

To meet this challenge and to maintain our reputation, our company relies on the commitment of each team member to promote Vulcain Metal’s core values.

Choose actions that foster mutual support, collaboration and encouragement among teammates. We promote a dynamic and enjoyable work environment for all.
Participate in the continuous improvement of the company and encourage colleagues to contribute to successfully maintaining high quality standards.
Maintain a positive attitude towards all relationships associated with the company and honour commitments.
Work and act with the success of the company in mind, give your very best in order to grow along with the company and to achieve personal and professional growth.
Promote honesty in partnerships with customers and employees, to maintain a win-win relationship.
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Positions available

Production Labourer

Production Labourer Program and operate the press brake Transform sheet metal into complex parts Insert parts into the jig Make calculations Follow press brake procedures

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Production Operator

Program and operate the press brake. Transform sheet metal into complex parts. Insert parts into the jig. Make calculations. Follow press brake procedures and work processes. Clean parts and check that they meet quality requirements.

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The candidate will weld parts and assemblies, interpret drawings, and follow welding procedures. He or she will occasionally have to assemble jigs. Steel, aluminum and stainless steel are the main materials used.

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