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The company is founded

Vulcan Machines Works is founded in Saint-Jérôme by Mr. Camille Desjardins and his three sons, Edgar, Georges and Réjean.


Business is moved to the Saint-Jérôme industrial park

Management buys land in the Saint-Jérôme industrial park and constructs a 22,500 square foot building.


Union certification is obtained with The United Steelworkers of America

In October, production employees are granted union certification with the United Steelworkers of America and a first contract is signed in 1975.


The company is renamed Produits de Métal Vulcain

Vulcan Machines Works opts for corporate name francization and becomes Produits de Métal Vulcain Inc.


Vulcain experiences expansion and modernization

The company goes through a stage of significant growth. The business is modernized and $1.2 million are invested to acquire new equipment and to expand by adding an additional 20,000 square feet.


ISO 9002 certification

The company is granted ISO 9002 certification, a quality standard that is increasingly required within the industry. Vulcain Metal becomes established as a leading supplier for subcontracted manufacturing of metal parts and components in the heavy and specialty vehicle industry.


Vulcain Metal is acquired by Polar Capital

Polar Capital recently negotiated a very lucrative contract for supplying metal parts and components to Paccar. It is better for them to buy Vulcan Metal than to build a new factory.


50% of company shares are resold to the managers

Company directors Doug McDougall, Serge Desjardins and Chantale Blouin share 50% of the shares with Polar Capital. Then, the company reaches its peak at 180 employees and a 32 million dollar revenue. Doug McDougall leaves Vulcain in 2007.


Luc Lusignan becomes a company shareholder

Serge Desjardins buys Chantale's shares and Luc Lusignan, a former production engineer in the company and a man who will come to be known as the prodigal son, returns as a shareholder. Luc leads the company with strength and passion to maintain Vulcain Metal's success.


Vulcain Metal Products Inc. grows again

Ambitious managers Luc Lusignan & Serge Desjardins made more than 6.5 million investments in equipment and therefore decided to expand the factory by 4,200 square feet.


Company portrait

Today, Vulcain Metal Products Inc. has a 73,000 square foot factory with 177 employees who work to always do better in order to continue this quest for excellence. New partnerships are being formed and this will ensure the sustainability of the company.


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